To be fair, that's quite a solid question to be asking at this point.
To keep a long story short, I'm working up as a Front End Developer in Peterborough, England.

Portfolio Work

Here's a couple of the projects I've worked on throughout my time, either for businesses or just small projects done for fun.

CSS FlexBox - a general usage guide

There are hundreds of articles on how to use CSS3's FlexBox. But when can we use it? Let's explore.

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Did you know I write blogs? Interesting right? I've been writing these since the start of the year, and I upload an article at least once a week. Sometimes I can't upload, but these article uploads have been pretty consistent for the most part.
The articles I write are presented on a variety of topics. Anywhere from web development technologies, to fashion theory and application, to general lifestyle articles! If any of that sounds interesting to you or you're just cuirous, make sure to take a look!

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